Online booking of doctor appointments

Organize all your schedules the easy and efficient way

Book your doctor's appointment

Easily and practicaly organize the doctor's office

Control over consultation schedules

The online self-booking tool for doctor’s appointments is very efficient because it allows us to offer our patients the convenience of scheduling their appointments, regardless of the opening hours of our doctor’s office or clinic.

When a patient schedules an appointment, you will soon receive an automatic notice, wherever you are! After your patient scheduled the consultation, the patient will receive an email and or SMS confirmation and the location map of your office or clinic, all this automatically.

With the automatic self-scheduling software of SimDoctor, your patients begin to do part of the work of your secretary. This way, your medical staff has more time to serve patients that are present in the clinic, avoiding the time lost during the scheduling procedure per phone. Believe me, your patients will love this modern and efficient way to schedule an appointment with you and you will have more time with them.

No more paperwork, get rid of the inefficient paper documents which need too much space!

Convenience, flexibility and accessibility between doctor and patient, it is already possible with the software of SimDoctor.

Show the world your schedule! Do not worry however with the anonymity of the patients, which will be fully preserved, as well as their interests. Show however, the time you have available, thus encouraging their patients to mark appointments with you at time that suits. Stop losing patients, for lack of time compatibility, now they can see the table with exactly all your available times!

Keep photos, reports, notes, dates and what interest you most register about your patient, it all without the cost of physical space in your office or organization. Let space and organization we care, worry only meet your patient!

Perhaps the high point of this system is its flexibility. He scored consultation on the date or wrong time? The system allows you to correct. The patient can not attend? The system allows you to cancel the query and schedule another in place. You want your patients to make appointments only on certain days of the week? Guess what! The system gives you this option too. You have a small office, not a clinic? For we have solution for both, there is just no solution for those who want to stay in the past.