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Yes, you can. Under the tab "Administration"> "User", you can define all the settings exactly and assign which functions, which users can be viewed and edited.

Yes and no. The patient can see the online consultation hours entered by the doctor's office. Of course it is recognizable which doctors are still free (marked in green) and already occupied (marked in red). Thus the patient can see everything that the practice for the online agenda frees, but not what the practice wants to keep internally.

Click on the patient menu, search for the patient's name, and then click on the name to display the search query. In the new window, which opens on the right side, you will find the point 'Medical History'. There you can see all the details about the treatments your patient has undergone in your clinic.

No. The Sim Doctor software is web-based and can be accessed from any computer that has the Internet.

Yes, the backup can be done as often as the day you want. To do this, just click the appropriate button. Very simple - yet your data is backed up 4 times a day.

There are several ways to inform their patients. If you have a website, patients will have the opportunity to directly access your calendar on the home page to plan your consultation from there:

A) You can send an e-mail to your patients to inform you that a new service is available.

B) SimDoctor can share information with social media tools.

C) If you do not have a website, you can print business cards with the corresponding link to the scheduling page. This is then as follows: www.temrine24-7.de / my_name

What kind of professional can use SimDoctor?

No. For this, we have the 'Options' profile, which works like a mini website. This page is made available online and if a particular patient is looking for a doctor or clinic in the search engines, he will find your data on this page.

Yes, phone support is available from 7 am to 7 pm per phone +1 (954) 495-9367 or by e-mail at www.sim-doctor.com/contato. In addition, patients can contact you via Skype at 'sim.doctor' to clarify questions.

Yes. If you want to have the "plugin" and the integrated website, this is no problem.

The professional profile is an individual special page on which the most important information is published to you. These are important in order to show the patients in their hands what they are going to be and what experience you have to have the more credibility with your patients. The doctor can also use this domain to persuade his patients to use the direct access to the appointment calendar and to post their question directly to the mini website.

Yes. The type of use you can choose freely. But if you want, you can also port all data from the current system to SimDoctor.

When you purchase the SimDoctor system, we will transfer your data into our system for you. For this, we charge a fee, the amount of which depends on the time required for the migration. This may vary depending on the software you are using.

Yes. All appointments and notifications related to a patient are automatically registered.

Yes, you decide which options you want to use.

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