Manage your accounts with SimDoctor.


Management practice finance.

Accounting fast and easy.

SimDoctor also offers a flexible and efficient management of all the finances of a doctor's office in order not only to correctly register income and expenses, but also to create statistics so that you can get a good overview of your financial system.

The financial module of SimDoctor is a powerful program that allows you to make any type of entry, no matter where. The program also automatically shows you which invoices are still outstanding or which amounts you have not yet received. So you always know what you are.

With this software, it will be easier to manage your doctor's office.

With a dynamic and simple graph, we can show the financial development of your doctor's practice separately with all revenue and expenditure related to and categories.

In this area, all revenues are categorized and the form and time of payment per patient is listed separately.

In the area of expenses, delivery schedules can be added and listed separately by category, by cost, name, date of payment, and many more options.