Check out the advantages for doctors and patients


Check out our advantages

Multi functional system

Today the essential advantages that can be offered to society are: efficiency, economy, practicality, speed and convenience. Every day, more and more people have realized that the internet provides exactly all of that and a bit more.

The objective of SimDoctor applies these benefits to the online booking appointments process for a more efficient process for patients and clinics.

Doctors and clinics

  • Organisation.
  • Requires no installation
  • Access 24/7
  • Simultaneous access (multiple users during the same time)
  • Access anywhere with internet
  • Time savings
  • Simple tool and self explanatory
  • Real time reminders for your patients


  • Time savings
  • The scheduling can be done anytime
  • Appointment booking in seconds
  • Access to all times and dates available
  • Notifications per email
  • Access to map for your consultation

The combination of the advantages of using the online booking tools for appointments, provide autonomy and convenience to the patient, encouraging loyalty and strengthening the relationship, so they can feel free to share with their friends the facilities provided by your doctor.

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